We have resumed our work at the studio.Rural economy is hard hit due to this unforseen pandemic and the situation is not likely to get better soon , after the PM of our country announced some relaxation for cottage industries and various other projects to help the Rural economy, we decided to restart our work , we are taking all the necessary precautions inorder to avoid the spread of the infection, we ,potters regularly wash our hands even before this was made mandatory 😀, the women who work with us live nearby so they have no issues with transportation .Even though the EMI were relaxed for three months but come June and we have to pay three months installment at one go and the bills, salaries have to be paid so we took this decision. Stay safe everyone .

We tried our hands on a new product , an Owl Bank and our most popular Piggy banks These cuties are ready to be yours – customised with your name and with the colour of your choice. To place an order, inbox us your details.